Welcome to the world of Angel Fall

Angel Fall is a LARP in central Massachusetts taking place in a world of the mysterious and powerful Angels, who oversee Home, land of the Survivors of the Fall.

Below, you can view some of the features currently offered by our site. For now, it's mostly an overview of what the game is and a link to the current rulebook, although more functionality will be coming in the near future. Currently planned is a user account, event registration, and character building system.

What is Angel Fall?

These pages gives you a small peek at the world of Angel Fall.

World Houses


This page contains a link to the current rulebook, as well as a series of credits to contributors therein.


Game Bucks

This page contains information on Game Bucks, and some ways you can get them.

Game Bucks


Check out the Events page for information on when and where Angel Fall is happening.


Website currently under construction.

This site is currently being built from the ground up by one of Angel Fall's directors. Check back often for new features. The page below will give you some information on what our planned features are.


Facebook Group

Currently, most announcements and questions are posted on our Facebook group, which you can find at the button below.